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The U.S. time is over, or アメリカの時代は終わりだ


     When I lived in the U.S. and studied in a college, that professor I was belonging class usually told that we shouldn't better to buy products made by the U.S. to us. The professor told us how easy to break and how unreliable the made in
U.S. products. In fact, so many American people said same thing to me, and they almost never buy or use the U.S. made products. In addition to this, it’s hardly found the U.S.-made products, even in the U.S. Take kitchen utensils for instance, I went supermarket for buying them when I lived in SanFrancisco, nowhere the U.S. products in the supermarket. Most of them made by China, and some of them were South and Central American countries. It's miracle that if you find the U.S.-made something in discount shops in the U.S. A Japanese critic said that the U.S.only industrial is military industrial, such a Boing.
     I used to be a motorcycle racing rider until 1998, and I've almost never seen the U.S.-made products because of their poor quality. Most racing parts are required to tolerance error range is less than 20/1000 millimeter. The
U.S. made-products could never clear the range. Many people said that the U.S.-made motorcycles are manufactured by diabolically bad quality and manufacturing process. Because of the reason, I easily understood why a few Americans select the U.S.-made cars. Probably those drivers the U.S.-made car drive are incredible nationalistic people.
U.S. filled by imported goods even the U.S. maker's products. Nike makes all products in somewhere the Third World country. Some computer companies have their factories in the South and Central  America, such as Mexico or Brazil. American automobile companies have South and Central American countries supply component to those companies. You can see those components in hood of the U.S.-made cars. In the U.S., PCs, cars, motorcycles, all house utensils, clothes, stationeries, and many oil chemical products import from other countries.
     I read an article when I lived in the
U.S., and the article said that the U.S. can't live if the world becomes perfectly peace place. The article mentioned, and I learned that the U.S. history made by war. Throughout the history, so many American people have worked for military industrial complex. Cold war let them survived by necessity of huge amount military budget. Fortunately, unfortunately, the cold war was over, but the U.S. has been in "War on Terror" for resent years. Some critics mentioned that the war made by the U.S. military industrial complex for they getting profit continuously. In fact, incredible amount expensive weapons such as precision guidance missiles have used on Afghanistan and Iraq.
U.S. had super power just after finishing the cold war. The U.S. had tried to change to depending on war companies, but the U.S. large companies left from the U.S. because of their high labor costs. As a result, the U.S. national industry became de-industrialization but military industrial complex. "War on Terror" let the U.S. survive narrowly now, but it won't continue forever. The U.S. will over when the world becomes the perfectly peace planet

そして実際に、多くのアメリカ人の知人達はアメリカ製品を殆ど使っていなかったし、彼等もその教授と同じ事を言っており、加えてアメリカ国内でさえも、Made in USAの品を目にする事は稀だった。
 台所用品を例に取ると、私がサンフランシスコ滞在中に、スーパーマーケットにそれらを買いに行くと、米国製は何処にも無く、そこで売られているそれらの殆どが中国製で、残りは中南米製品ばかりだったし、もしあなたがアメリカ国内のディスカウントショップでMade in USAの工業製品を見つけたとしたら、それは奇跡と言ってもいいだろう。ある日本の批評家など、アメリカにはボーイングのような軍需産業しか無いと言っているくらいだ。



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