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Uncle Sam, the worst and strongest scoundrel

   The US and some EU countries insist that Iran has a plan to develop nuclear weapon. In addition, we can watch the news everyday on TV about that. However, IAEA investigation concluded that they couldn’t find a proof of nuclea bomb in Iran. In addition, IAEA, Britain, Israel, and a US government agency called NIE[National Intelligence Estimate] reached the same result of analysis. Iran is required 10 years or more to obtain the developmental technology of uclear bomb. Neverthless, Bush administration insists that Iran already has nuclear weapon or it development program. It seems that the US try to make public opinion to Iran invasion like Iraq.
     In view of the Middle East history, the US had put a puppet government in Iran until Iran revolution in 1979. The US has been hostile and threat to Iran after the revolution. In other word, Iran has been threatened by the US for long long years. The US threaten Iran off. So, it’s natural result if Iran try to get the power to self defence. However, Iran insists that their nuclear development program only for purpose for peace, not weapon.
Furthermore, Iran has accept to IAEA investigation frequently. I think that there is no reason for invasion to Iran.
     However, the US must be invading to Iran. Because John R. Bolton, temporarity appointed U.N. ambassador said that “If we permit Iran’s deception to go on much longer, it will be too late. Iran will have nuclear weapons”. The US doubt a country and the country insists untrue about it. But, the US invade the country. It’s pretty close to a case of Iraq.
     Unfortunately, only the US has superpower in the world now, and there are no country to give US candid advice. Therefore, US behave outrageously.

US has break CTBT[Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty], and US has reject to Kyoto Protocol. Moreover, US wants to use their military power to all over the world. If US leave itself as it stands, US must destroy the planet of earth.





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